Throwback Thursday: On Belay

onbelay (2)Recently, I tracked down an old friend from high school and was reminded of my rappelling and rock climbing days during my misspent youth.

Rappelling was easing.  You just jumped, kept track of your feet and hollered “yee haw’ as you bounced off of a wall or rock down to the ground, hoping to stick your “landing.”

Rock climbing was more difficult as you had to go UP.  I had a bad back and thus was the world’s strangest rock climber.  I didn’t do anything the way it should be done, but  I managed to climb up the rock cliffs of Devil’s Lake in Wisconsin.  I can remember getting to the top, panting, and just laying on the warm rock in the sun glorying in the physical exertion and accomplishment.



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Sunday Morning Gospel – The Carpenter Ants and the Rev. R L Bush

If you’ve never heard these guys, you’re missing a treat!

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Earworm: Morning Has Broken

Somebody mentioned this song in a Facebook post more than a week ago and it’s still stuck in my head.  It’s a good thing I like this song.!


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What I Did on My Summer Vacation

momwristSo, my 75-year-old mother broke her wrist while roller skating.  She fell.  (I’ve been instructed to point out that she fell in the most graceful of ways.)

Go ahead and laugh.  I did and so did she.  She even laughed when she found it was broken in two places and required surgery.  She laughed during pre-op and laughed post-op.   She laughed when she viewed the x-ray showing her dandy new titanium plate and pins.

I ferried her about for a couple of days while we got the medical stuff taken care of, but she’s been pretty self-sufficient.  Luckily, it was her left wrist.

Orthopedics have come a long way.  She’s not in a cast; she wears a brace which allows her to move her hand.  In fact, she has exercises she must do requiring her to move her hand this way and that.  Initially, I was worried she wouldn’t do the exercises.

Oh pshaw.

She does them near constantly in between doing stuff she probably shouldn’t be doing:  like using her cordless drill to replace a large board in my fence.

Mom’s a character.

On the other end of the spectrum, Chef Boy ‘R Mine has been having trouble with his back.  It’s pretty serious and he has a referral to a surgeon.  I’m pretty wigged out about it all.  He’s only 30.

Step One is for him to have a steroidal lumbar injection to help manage the pain.  I’m leaving for Atlanta on Wednesday to be with him and act as his chauffeur the day of the procedure.

Me?  I’m more or less intact.  I just did a freelance project on self-care and I’m all hyped up to be good to myself.  I’ve been doing a pretty good job of it.  I had a lovely week at the beach with my best friend.  I’ve been getting out and about much more than I have in the past couple of years.  I’m active with a book club and a writing group; and starting to hang out in Charleston again.

Although I’m worried about the kid, it’s mostly good to be me these days.    While the rain has been unrelenting this summer, I’m having a good time.


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Throwback Thursday: Bathing Beauty

4031117552_720bb6baf7_oI just got back from the beach on Saturday and I’ve still got vacation head.  It’s been a hard reentry to the real word as this vacation was just stellar.  My best friend and I spent a week at Myrtle Beach eating good food, drinking adult beverages and people watching on the beach.  It was good and I am so missing my 11:30 a.m. daiquiri.

Happy Thursday, y’all.


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How can I be this old?

chef jeremyToday is my baby boy’s 30th birthday.

I don’t know how it is possible that I am old enough to have a 30-year-old child.  Life is one, big goofy trip.

I had a rough pregnancy and he was 9 weeks premature.  After he was born, I only got to hold him for a minute before they whisked him off to a NICU isolette.  In that minute, I fell irretrievably in love with him.

Suffice it to say that Chef Boy ‘R Mine is the love of my life.

He has turned into a marvelous man and an exceptional chef – I honestly don’t know how it was that we were surprised by his decision to become a chef.  The evidence was there all those years ago.

Happy Birthday, Punkin’, I love you.


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meI’m very pleased to announce that I won the West Virginia Writers 2015 Annual Writing Contest in the Nonfiction category with my piece Marybelle.

Marybelle is a memoir of Vietnam and my fourth-grade year.

The story is special to me and I’m very pleased, and honored, that it won.

You can read it here:.marybellenarrative

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