Computer Woes and Whatnot

EmnyLou 012A couple of weeks ago I was sitting, minding my own business, at the laptop drinking coffee when Emmylou surprised me with a running leap into my lap.  It ended with coffee all over the keyboard.  I did all the things you’re supposed to do in such a situation to no avail.

The laptop keyboard refuses to work.  It’s had plenty of time to dry out.  The mouse and touchpad work fine, but no dice on the keyboard.


So, I bought a refurbished laptop with Windows 7 Pro on it, but that’s going back. The wifi wouldn’t work.  In a fit of desperation, I found an older model, but brand new laptop with Windows 7.  It arrived today.

I hate setting up computers.

Hate it.

Part of my job is tech support and I’m responsible for setting up new computers.  Right now, I have 10 laptops and 2 desktops waiting on me.  I didn’t need a disaster at home.

But I love Emmylou, I do I do.

No matter how many times I do it, there’s always a glitch, a problem, a snafu, a something.  Right now, the user interface for Facebook on the new laptop is unusable.

I’m disgruntled.

MarinedaddyIt’s been a lovely day, though.  Today is Veteran’s Day and I’ve been deep in thought about my dad’s Marine Corps experience as well as my own military brat upbringing.  I had my contractor out here to do a bunch of honey-dos that aren’t really honey-dos if you have to pay, but you know what I mean – just minor repairs to this and that.  Well, minor, except maybe for the roof.  Hoo boy, I don’t need bad news there.

I’m getting my mojo back.  It’s been a long two and half years, but I feel like I’m settling back into myself.  We’ll see.  I’m hopeful.


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Candles, Candles and More Candles

the family room coffee tableI commented on Facebook that I have a lot of candles and the attendant candle holders. Once I got to thinking about it, I was, truly, astonished.

I wandered about the house taking photos of candles and candle holders. I do, quite literally, have candles in every room of the house.

stained gloass and candlesI don’t light them as often as I should.

If I lit them all at once, the barn would probably burn down.

There is nothing, almost nothing, I guess, that isn’t improved when viewing it by candlelight. I know that I love how candles (and oil lamps of which I have more than a few) soften the harsh edges of life.

I’m always ready for the frequent power outages even if I do bitch about the lack of wifi.

candles on the bookcaseDoug, too, enjoyed candles and many of those that I now have were his.

It’s been a long time since I’ve lit the house up and wandered from room to room marveling at all that life has given me. I love my home.  I love my candles.  I love my candle holders.

social work candleI am too fond of stuff and, hopefully, my newly adopted meditation practice (more on this tomorrow) will help me loosen the bonds of stuff, but, mostly, I find my treasures to be blessings and not burdens. Mostly.


There’s a great purge coming.

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Sunday Morning Gospel: This Little Light of Mine


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Day of the Dead

day of the dead 5Today is November 1st and the first day of the Day of the Dead. My reading gives me to understand that the first day is for the children to celebrate and that November 2nd is for the adults. No matter. It’s November 1st and I’m missing Doug.

A few months ago, I wrote of Doug’s slippers and how they lived under the chair in the master bedroom. I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of them as it seemed as if I did he would be well and truly gone. They’ve been there for more than two years now.

day of the dead 4Today. Well, today, I threw them away. Yes. Threw them away. I didn’t want anyone else wearing them – they’re too personal and too important – we needed a clean break.

I had heard of the Day of the Dead but it was Doug who taught me to appreciate the holiday.

In the Mexican tradition, it’s a time to honor those that have gone before us. To remember and to respect and to love.

I miss Doug always, but, today, when the veil is thinner I have looked over my shoulder often to see if I can catch a glimpse of him. No luck so far.

I miss him. I would love one more glimpse. One more touch. One more moment.

I loved him. I do love him.

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Sunday Morning Gospel — I’ll Fly Away (again!)

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Throwback Thursday: On Belay

onbelay (2)Recently, I tracked down an old friend from high school and was reminded of my rappelling and rock climbing days during my misspent youth.

Rappelling was easing.  You just jumped, kept track of your feet and hollered “yee haw’ as you bounced off of a wall or rock down to the ground, hoping to stick your “landing.”

Rock climbing was more difficult as you had to go UP.  I had a bad back and thus was the world’s strangest rock climber.  I didn’t do anything the way it should be done, but  I managed to climb up the rock cliffs of Devil’s Lake in Wisconsin.  I can remember getting to the top, panting, and just laying on the warm rock in the sun glorying in the physical exertion and accomplishment.



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Sunday Morning Gospel – The Carpenter Ants and the Rev. R L Bush

If you’ve never heard these guys, you’re missing a treat!

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